Dragons Tails

Dragons Tails

happy-children 12 - 50
watch 10 min
little-kid 5 years

How to Play

A bunch of dragons battling it out! A fun team building tag game that can be used as a warm up or an energizer.


Dragons' Tails

AIM: to steal the other dragons' tails.

Teams are made up of 7 to 12 players.
Players in each team form themselves into a dragon.
To do this, players hold the waste of the player in front.
The player at the back has a long tail. The player at the fron is the head.
Game starts.
Dragons come together. Each dragon chases the tails of the other dragons.
The head of each dragon tries to grab tails.
If they succeed, the dragon who lost their tail is out of the game.
If a dragon splits apart due to players losing their grip, then it is also out.
Game continues until only one dragon is left.