Food and Water

Food and Water

happy-children 5 - 40
watch 15 min
little-kid 5 years

How to Play

Food and Water is a hide-n-seek type of game. Players race to steal their food and water, and then hide before time runs out!


Food & Water

AIM: to be the last one spotted.

An outside game in an area with lots of hiding spots.
Choose a player to be 'It'. They hold their hands out offering 'Food & Water'.
'It' closes their eyes and counts down from 20. Everyone slaps the 'It's' hands & hides.
'It' opens their eyes and tries to spot players. Anyone spotted is out.
'It' then closes his/her eyes- with hands out again. This time the count down is from 15.
Repeat; however, the count gets less each time. 10 then 5 then 4 then 3 then 2 then1.
The last player spotted becomes the 'It' for the next game.