Ga Ga Ball

Ga Ga Ball

happy-children 5 - 30
watch 5 min
little-kid 4 years

How to Play

Ga Ga Ball is an exciting ball game requiring skill, strategy and quick reflexes. It suits those who like competition. Play it inside or out with any group size. Build an ‘arena’ barrier and take on your opponents to be the ultimate Champion of Ga Ga Ball!



AIM:to be the last player left in the game.

Make a barrier using upturned tables or benches.
Players stand inside the barrier.
Choose a Team Leader. They umpire and manage the game.
Team Leader tosses the ball into the game.
Players chant "GA-GA-BALL" as it bounces in.
Players can then bat the ball to make it strike another player below the knee.
They use one hand to bat and block.
If a player is hit below the knee by the ball they are out (leave game).
Each time a player is out, the ball returns to the Team Leader.
The Team Leader tosses the ball back in again and players call "Ga-ga-ball" again.
Game continues until only one player remains (WINNER!).

Amp it up: use 2 balls; also, players who are 'out' can catch themselves back into the game.
They do this by catching the ball if it flies over the barrier.