happy-children 20 - 100
watch 20 min
little-kid 6 years

How to Play

Be the Hero and save your team. A fast action filled outdoor game that builds teamwork and confidence.



AIM: to save your team (be the Hero!) and get everyone to the end line.

Equipment: 2/3 teams, coloured bibs, 12+ gator balls, marker domes.
Set-up: mark out a rectangular area with domes about 8m by 30m.

One team are the Runners and the other team/s, the Bombers.
Bombers line up along the side of the rectangle with the gater balls.
Runners line up at the Start line ready to run... one at a time.
The first Runner goes (give 4m buffer from Bombers for them to get going).
Bombers throw gator balls to hit the runner. If hit they sit with hand up.
Next runner goes. He/she dodges balls and tries to save the 'hit' runners, by tagging their hand.
If hit they also sit and raise their hand.
Runners continue, trying to get their team to the end line.
Once a player crosses the end line they cannot run back to save team mates.
Once all the team has had a turn, then rotate teams to give a new team the challenge.