happy-children 3 - 50
watch 5 min
little-kid 4 years

How to Play

Everyone loves Hide n Seek! Huckleberry is similar type of game that is great fun and super quick! Perfect to play when kids enter the classroom from a recess break.



AIM: not to be last to find the hidden object & call "Huckleberry".

Choose a Leader. He/she hides an object.
All other players are NOT watching.
Leader makes sure a part of the object is visible.
The Leader calls "HUCKLEBERRY" to announce to players that they can start looking for the object.
Players search for the hidden object.
When they spot it they race to a designated area, sit down and then call "HUCKLEBERRY".
The last person to sit and call "HUCKLEBERRY" is the loser.
If the Loser is a good sport they do 3 burpies. Everyone else does a dance.

Amp it up: hide 2 objects, or the Leader hides instead of an object.

Tip: can be played inside or outside.