happy-children 5 - 40
watch 10 min
little-kid 6 years

How to Play

Sculptor is a creative game requiring leadership and team work. Everyone is involved and everyone is a winner.



AIM: to create an awesome sculpture!

Choose a Game Leader to manage the game.
Split players into small groups of about 5.
Each group has a Sculptor (Leader).
The Game Leader gives Sculptors a time limit (about 3minutes) to create a sculpture
Sculptors manipulate their team into a sculpture.
Players must be compliant with their Sculptor and freeze into position.
All players must be joined somehow.
Game Leader counts down from ten. Scultures remain frozen.
Each Sculptor explains their creation and announces the name for their creations.
Game Leader may score sculptures out of 10 for a winner (optional).

Amp it up: have bigger teams with 2 sculptors each working together to make their creation.
Or use a subject theme such as: '3D Shapes' or 'Insect Life Cycles'