Silent Tic Tac Toe

Silent Tic Tac Toe

happy-children 10 - 25
watch 15 min
little-kid 6 years

How to Play

Problem solving, patience, restraint and concentration are needed by players for the game of Silent Tic Tac Toe. A fun game for the classroom.


Silent Tic-Tac-Toe

AIM: Team to win 3 rounds.

This game is very much like the game Naughts & Crosses.
Set up 9 chairs in a 3X3 grid (can use mats, hoops, pillows etc).
Form 2 teams (eg: Girls vs Boys).
Teams line up either side of the playing area.
Appoint a Team Leader who scores and umpires the game.
Alternating, a player from each team is called out to take up a seat.
Play continues until a row of 3 (either boys or girls) is formed.
When that happens a point is scored for the team and the round ends.
If all seats are taken up and there is no row formed, then the round is called a draw.
It is VERY IMPORTANT that the game is played in silence.
Any player giving a 'hint' to another player will give away the round and point to the other team.
Hints may be verbal, body language or eye suggestions.
Once a team scores 3 points, they win! Celebrate!